Our hybrid wedding photography is all about celebrating what makes your wedding unique, telling only the story that your wedding can. The images and videos that we create are crafted by the unique nature and pace of your wedding day. My team and I, uses a blend of creative, contemporary, and photo journalistic techniques to document the most important day of your life and tell your story. When it comes to capturing your priceless moments, no one is more qualified than us. With our extensive background in photography and video production we are able to deliver both high-end photographs and cinematic video of your special day, in a way that no one else can. This unique ability gives us more flexibility to tell your story exactly the way that you want. Proudly offering documentary, photojournalsitic and lifestyle wedding photography and wedding videography.

A bride and groom share the first dance of their wedding with the parents at the Sweet Water Branch inn in Gainesville.
A wedding ceremony at the Baughman Center. Hybrid wedding photography by Chris Watkins.
A bride dressed in red is escorted down the isle by her father at a wedding in Park City, Ut.
A bride poses for a formal bridal portrait by the Baughman Center at the University of Florida.
A black and white photo of a couple caught kissing in a reflection in a window after their wedding in Ganiesville, Fl.
Bridal party gives the bride and groom a thumbs up after a barn wedding. Destination wedding photographer Chris Watkins.
Two wedding guests dance at a backyard wedding near St. Augustine, Fl. Wedding Photographer Chris Watkins.
Couple embraces in a hug during their first dance at the Sweet Water Branch Inn, Wedding Photographer Chris Watkins.
Black and white photograph of a bride sitting on the grooms lap after their wedding at the Baughman Center.
Portrait of bride and groom at night in front of the Baughman Center, Gainesville, Fl.

Wedding Videography

Alongside our photography we also offer cinematic wedding day coverage, thanks to our ability to simultaneously capture photographs and video during your wedding. This is something that very few people are capable of achieving.